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Wording Hall

Houlton History Lesson

Wording Hall Master.jpg

Ricker Classical Institute / Wording Hall

Built in 1880 and situated on the corner of High and Military streets upon high ground.  It was considered an asset and an ornament to the town at the time. The second floor was occupied mainly by Memorial Hall which had a seating capacity of 500.

Ricker Classical Institute Wording Hall

From one of its early students:

“Wording Hall proved to be all that could be desired. It is safe to say that there was not a more conveniently arranged School building in the State. The recitation rooms were large and comfortable. The ventilation was excellent. From the tower of Wording hall the view surrounding Houlton was inspiring. A few rods to the rear of Wording Hall stands the dormitory. This frame building is of four stories beside the basement, heated by steam. On the first floor are the reception rooms and parlors; the whole of the second floor is occupied by the Principal and his family.”

Side note:

Wording Hall was built from bricks made by the local brick maker Isaac Berry

This building was destroyed by fire in 1944 and was a huge loss to both the school and the town.

Wording Hall Fire A jpg.jpg
Wording Hall Fire B jpg.jpg
Wording Hall fire.jpg

The dedication plaque that was on Wording Hall is still in town.

Do you know where it is?

Note: The video of the fire starts at 3:24

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