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The Sockanossett

This is the famous “Sockanossett” 22 horsepower steam fire engine.

Bought by public subscription for $2300 after the town was victim of its second sever fire loss in two years, in 1880.

It arrived in November of that same year and is still here today.

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From The Aroostook Times Nov. 11 1880

The new steam fire engine purchased by individual subscriptions of our citizens has arrived.


It appears to be a first-class machine built by the Amoskeag Manufacturing

Company of Manchester N.H.

Twenty-two house power and cost $2300.

It is named “Sockanossett”.

On Monday afternoon a trail test was of its working capacities was made under the charge of Mr. Munroe, an engineer of the Woodstock fire Department.

The engine was stationed at the reservoir in the Square and it threw two streams of water

quite lively but it did not quite meet the expectations of those interested in the purchase.


After the trail an examination of the machine was made and it was found there was

something out of order with one of the valves; this remedied, another trail was made

Tuesday morning with more satisfactory results.


The engine was placed at the bridge and

took water from the mill pond.


Hose was laid from there to Court Street and water was thrown upon the top of Buzzell’s new hotel, a four-story building, wetting the roof as in a

heavy rain shower.


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