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The E.B. White Collection

Edward Breck White was born in Hope, ME in 1852 and came to Houlton during the early 1880s. 
He was a jewelry merchant, watchmaker, and dealt sporting goods from his shop on the south side of Market Square. 
E.B. White was an avid outdoorsman and an amateur photographer. 
Many of his photos are scenes from the Aroostook Woods and are of his adventures with friends, Walter Mansur and Charles West. 
The E.B. White collection is a collection of photographs by White and other photographers taken between 1885 and 1920.
This collection commemorates the efforts of local amateur and professional photographers to preserve images of turn-of-the-century Aroostook County.


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G.A.R parade, Market Square, late 1880s
Houlton vs Portland, Houlton in the field, Dr Miles Cochran-umpire
Meduxnekeag River, looking upstream.
Market Square in Winter, ca. 1885.
Sanctum of Charles West, author of The Aroostook Woods, Apr1892
Walter Mansur with three week old caribou, June18-21,1893
Snell House, Market Square, early 1890s
EB White and family flash light photo
A trip to St Croix Lake, May 24-31, 1891, Weeks Mill on Big Smith Brook
Foot bridge, built in 1890, by James Archibald, RW Shaw, Geo Nickerson, and Geo Hall
Walter Mansur, E.B. White and driver
Patten looking north
Water Company Stand Pipe on High Street.
Cutting Hay Charles Tenney Farm
Mowing Haying
Ladies Aid Society
Interior of the Court Street Baptist Church
"Mable" Steam boat on Nickerson Lake
First Free Baptist Church
Maine National Guard Encampment
Hodgdon Baptist Church
High Street looking South
Fox and Son's Houlton
Nickerson Lake
Ladies Aid Society
James McNally woods crew
William Fox and Sons
Delmont Emerson logging
Houlton vs Portland B
Houlton vs Portland A
Houlton vs Portland
Ball Game at North Street Park
North Street Park Houlton vs Portland
Houlton View B
Houlton View A
Charles West House
Cooks Brook Mill
Drews Mills
Charles West Camp "Wild Wood"
Charles West Camp Wild Wood
Catholic Church
B and A Railroad Trestle
Liberty Hall
HWC Pumping Station
Delmont Emerson Logging Island Falls
Charles West

"Oversized" Collection

E B White.jpg
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