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Col. Frank Hume

Col. Frank M. Hume

Colonel Frank Hume

Spanish American War

Co. Frank Hume,Commander of the 2nd Maine National Guard at Pine Camp, NY

The photos below are of Hume and his men during the Spanish American War

WWI and the 103rd

Col. Frank M. Hume was the commanding officer of the 103rd Infantry during World War I.

In the early part of December, 1918, the Division Commander, Major General Hale, at a conference at Montigny-le-Roi, expressed his desire that the several organizations of the division take steps to properly record their history.


An order on this matter soon followed, and it is in compliance with this order that the following history or story of the 103rd Infantry has been written. Primarily its purpose is to record the events, the actions, and the facts, concerning the regiment from the time of its incorporation as a part of the 26th Division through the close of the war.


This primary purpose would be satisfied by a very few pages of statistics and data, given; for, just as any history would be dull if it contained nothing but dates, places, figures, and names, in the same measure would this story of the 103rd Infantry be dry and uninteresting if the circumstances, the life, and the atmosphere surrounding the events should be omitted.

Below are a collection of pictures sent to

Col. Frank Hume from Major General Hale.

Gifed to the museum by Max Lynds


Be sure to hover your mouse to read the caption

Hume Master jpg.jpg
Envelope Hale to Hume.jpg

Col. Frank Hume during Armistice Day celebration in Market Square Houlton.

Col. Hume was involved in the Spanish–American War and World War I.

He earned the Army Distinguished Service Medal for his service,

as well as the Croix de Guerre.

Click on the medal to learn more


Col. Hume's Saber

Gifted to the Museum by Fred & Beth Ludwig

Colonel Frank Hume's Saber
Colonel Frank Hume's Saber
Hume drilling his men holding the saber.
Hume saber C.jpg

Frank Hume Postmaster

Frank Hume.jpg
Interior Post Office Water Street.JPG

Col. Hume Biography

the old man of the 103.jpg

"The Old Man of the 103rd" is a biography of Col. Frank Hume written by Colby L. McIntyre. 

This 148 page book starts Col. Hume as a boy growing up in Bridgewater, Maine where he gathered his playmates into a platoon of soldiers and marched and drilled them around the town.  It includes many stories of how his men looked up to him and loved him.

Published by the Aroostook Print Shop in 1940, this book is available at the Cary Library.

History of the 103rd.jpg

The town mourns Col. Frank Hume

He passes on June 6, 1939

This historical book is in pdf format and provided by the Bangor Library

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