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Houlton History

       Houlton, Maine has a great history that dates back over two hundred years.  We wanted to offer a place on our website for our visitors to be able to learn, not just about our wonderful museum, but also about Houlton history in general.  Our "Houlton History Lessons" are short essays, written by volunteers, about different events in the history of our town, as well as different area landmarks.  We have also created a page for Local Historical Documents and links to all of the nomination forms of the area locations on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Lastly, we created a space for local cartography for those that like to look at old maps of the area. These pages offer a great deal of information on the history of our area and we hope you enjoy all that these pages have to offer.

We're always looking for volunteers to help us create content for our site.  If you have interest in providing a Houlton History Lesson for our site, please use our Contact Form

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