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Houlton Army Air Base
Camp Houlton
& the P.O.W. Camp

Our Houlton Air Base and Camp Houlton collection highlights the period from 1941 until 1946, when Houlton airport was the site of first, the Houlton Army Air Base (1941-1944) and second, the PoW camp named Camp Houlton (1944-1946).  The collection contains many photos and artifacts from the period. 

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Houlton Army Air Base, 1943
Houlton air base aerial
At the theater with Col. Ellison
Monument marking the site
Houlton Air Base, June 8, 1943
Houlton Army Air Base, June 29, 1943
Houlton Army Air Base,Sept  24, 1943
Post exchange POW Camp, 1945.
German POW painting, 1945
P.O.W. farm workers, 19.44
POW painting of Mont St. Michael
German POW barber cutting hair of American Soldier, POW camp
POW picking potatoes,1945
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