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Soldiers Cemetery

Hancock Barracks Houlton, Maine

During the time of Hancock Barracks and the Aroostook War 37 men died while on duty and they were buried in what is known as Soldiers Cemetery. Thirteen men were for Europe and in those days, bodies were not sent back. 


The Cemetery had fallen into poor condition and that’s when Richard Rhoda and the members of Monument Lodge No.96 in Houlton got to work.


The restoration began somewhat by accident. Richard Rhoda, the historian for the local lodge, was doing research for his weekly newspaper column and noticed some research done by Dale R. Steinhauer, a U.S Army historian, who was working on his doctorate at the University of North Carolina.


Rhoda noticed a reference to “Hancock Barracks”. Rhoda then got in contact with Steinhauer who was able to provide names and date of death for the soldiers through the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Soldiers Cemetery pic A.jpg

It became evident that the Hancock soldiers, as U.S. military veterans, were entitled to headstones provided at no cost by the United States government.


The help of Senator Susan Collins the Monument Lodge was able to get new stones as part of the Lodges community-betterment program.

Soldiers Cemetery.jpg

A total of 37 soldiers died between 1828 and 1845 while on duty at Hancock Barracks in Houlton, Maine, and were buried at Soldiers Cemetery on White Settlement Road.

Listed below they are:

Musician John Ames, b. 1820, Bradford; d. April 13, 1841; laborer, 1 Art. Co. E.

James Anderson, b. 1801, Greensburg, Pa.; d. Feb. 21, 1831; laborer, 2 I Co. K.

Artificer Henry Bellmar, b. 1818, New York, N.Y.; d. Feb. 23, 1839; clerk, 1 Art. Co. E.

Cpl. Francis Berry, b. 1810, Fishkill, N.Y.; d. April 8, 1841; tailor, 1 Art. Co. B.

Jesse Billings, b. 1798, Wrentham, Mass.; d. March 25, 1832; mason, 2 I Co. C.

Pvt. George Blackwood, b. 1821, New York, N.Y.; d. June 7, 1843; butcher, 1 Art. Co. B.

James Bracy, b. 1806, Steuben; d. March 13, 1830; farmer, 2 I Co. C.

John Brown, b. 1805, Longford, Ireland; d. July 3, 1832; tailor, 2 I Co. K.

Pvt. Michael Brynan, b. 1795, Castlerea, Ireland; d. Oct. 30, 1839; soldier, 1 Art. Co. C.

Pvt. Daniel Colton, b. 1819, New York, N.Y.; d. Dec. 30, 1841; painter, 1 Art. Co. B.

Cpl. Henry Crocker, b. 1815, New London, Conn.; d. Jan. 4, 1843; painter, 1 Art. Co. B.

Steven Devars, b. 1789, Orerypl, Holland; d. Jan. 10, 1829; apothecary, 2 Infantry.

Pvt. John Ferris, b. 1812, Hague, NY; d. April 29, 1841; cotton spinner, 1 Art. Co. F.

Pvt. Michael Gallagher, b. 1805, Philadelphia, PA; d. March 22, 1841; soldier, 1 Art. Co. E.

Pvt. Lyndon Gates, b. 1820, Lyndon, VT; d. March 24, 1841; farmer, 1 Art. Co. I.

Pvt. Mark Goodwin, b. 1822, Lyman; d. June 16, 1843; farmer, 1 Art. Co. E.

Pvt. David Grindle, b. 1821, Penobscot; d. May 17, 1842; farmer, 1 Art. Co. E.

Pvt. Thomas Halloran, b. 1821, Cook, Ireland; d. June 24, 1843; farmer, 1 Art. Co. B.

Artificer Henry Harding, b. 1805, Annapolis, Md.; d. Nov. 13, 1838; carpenter, 1 Art. Co. E.

William Herron, b. 1796, Baltimore, Md.; d. Oct. 18, 1835; soldier, 2 I Co. K.

Pvt. William Hewitt, b. 1811, Limerick, Ireland; d. Jan. 27, 1839; laborer, 1 Art. Co. C.

Sgt. Otis Kellogg, b. 1821, Essex, Vt.; d. May 24, 1842; farmer, 1 Art. Co. I.

Pvt. Daniel Littlefield, b. 1817, Wells; d. May 18, 1843; farmer, 1 Art. Co. E.

Artificer John Lyle, b. 1809, King William, Va.; d. Feb. 2, 1839; wheelwright, 1 Art. Co. C.

John McConnell, b. 1803, Ireland; d. Aug. 14, 1838; laborer, 2 I Co. C.

Pvt. William Milan, b. 1817, Hancock; d. Oct. 21, 1842; laborer. 1 Art. Co. F.

Pvt. Robert Moore, b. 1798, Belfast, Ireland; d. Sept. 10, 1841; soldier,  1st Artillery Company B.

Job Moshier, b. 1814, Little Falls, N.Y.; d. July 9, 1835; farmer, 2nd Infantry Company K.

Pvt. James Richmond, b. 1820, Ayr, Scotland; d. June 17, 1841; carpenter, 1st Artillery Company B.

Pvt. James Rogers, b. 1801, Ireland; d. April 20, 1838; soldier, 2 Co. E/C.

Pvt. James Shiels, b. 1815, Ireland; d. Feb. 15, 1841; laborer, 1st  Artillery Company C.

Pvt. Horace Tearnes, b. 1821, Champlain, N.Y.; d. April 4, 1842; farmer,  1st Artillery Company I

James Vanpelt, b. 1790, Monmouth, NJ; d. June 25, 1834; soldier, 2 I Company C.

Pvt. Thomas Waddell, b. 1811, Lauder, Scotland; stonemason, 1st Artillery  Company G.

Pvt. William White, 1819, Fermanaugh, Scotland; d. May 5, 1844; shoemaker, 1st Artillery Company H.

Pvt. Joseph Wilson, b. 1817, Sterley's Bridge, England; d. June 21, 1840 Cotton Spinner, 1st Artillery Company E.

William Witham, b. 1804, New York, NY; d. Dec. 11, 1831; soldier, 2 Infantry Company F.

Other old Grave Stones at this site.


Ralph B. Holden
Died Sept 19, 1857
Age 66 yrs


his wife died Jan 14 1883
Age 80 2 mons 12 days


Ralph B. Holden
Died Sept 19, 1857
Age 66 yrs


his wife died Jan 14 1883
Age 80 2 mons 12 days


Ralph B. Holden
Died Sept 19, 1857
Age 66 yrs


his wife died Jan 14 1883
Age 80 2 mons 12 days


Ralph B. Holden
Died Sept 19, 1857
Age 66 yrs


his wife died Jan 14 1883
Age 80 2 mons 12 days


Ranson Johnson Whitehead

Died February 4th 1863

Age 5 yrs 4 months

Son of Andrew & Margaret



Thomas Peters

Died  April 22, 1826
Age 34 yrs.



Mary Ann Martin
Died April 25, 1837

Daughter of William & Mary



Lyman Houlton
Died August 22 1849
Age 34 yrs


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