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The New Brunswick & Canada Railway

How it aided the Houlton Village

Railway Clip Art.jpg
New Brunswick train jpg.jpg
Richmond Station Rail bill Cary.jpg

A note on the word "Messrs" which is seen in the above.  

Pronounced: mesərz/ 


  1. used as a title to refer formally to more than one man simultaneously, or in names of companies.

          In this case Messrs Cary Bros'


The above map from 1862 shows the first rail line into Houlton via the New Brunswick and Canada line. This was at the foot of Garrison Hill by the Foxcroft road and Military Street intersection and behind what was know as the Nason Station. Many can remember the lines of potato houses that stood in these locations near the tracks.

On this map from the New Brunswick Railroad Museum one can see both the spar line to Richmond corner and the line entering the U.S. to Houlton.

nb railway map.jpg
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