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Liberty Hall

Houlton History Lesson


A new School is needed.

Many small schools were built in the very early years, the Hill School near Garrison Hill. The West End School near Aaron Putnam’s home, a wooden school house called Central on the Calais road served for several years until it burned.

After losing that school the citizens decided that more land and a central location was needed. They purchased a lot across from the jail on the corner of today’s School and Military Streets. It was on the site of the Central School that many of us remember and now the home of the Sheriff’s Department. 

Built on this site was a long wooden two story building. The first floor was the school house. The second story was used for community purposes such as, patriotic meetings, community meetings, dances, speaking contests, and old fashioned spelling bees.



Above the door written in bold script was the name, “Liberty Hall”

The building was later replaced by the brick building that is still on the site today. Bricks made by the local brick maker Isaac Barker. In the Osgood photo you can see the construction of the brick building to the far right of Liberty Hall.

The wooden building was moved to Union Square and became the property of William Riley, the bottom floor used as a pool room and the top floor as apartments. It is written that for many years the old Liberty Hall sign stayed attached to the building.

It was destroyed by fire in 1956.

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