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Autogiro Visits

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are started mechanically but do not depend upon the engine for continued rotation and lift once they are set going. Should the engine stop for any reason the plane settles vertically to earth under control and at less speed than the average man falling with a parachute. The rotor principle gives the plane unusual stability and prevents stalls and spins. These features combined with its slow speed take-off and the ability to land anywhere go into the make-up of a plane that should do much to increase public confidence in the airplane as a means of transportation for everyone. The Socony Test Plane is particularly interesting because it is equipped with the most up-to-date instrument for testing gasoline and motor oils. All tests are conducted by J. S. Dexter, who is in charge of the Aeronautical Department of Standard Oil.

AUTOGIRO July 17 1931 jpg.jpg

... the flying industry. With the flock of ships in the section, it is likely that folks will take advantage of the opportunity to pick up some facts.


Probably the funniest “danger” met by local airmen was that of the past week. Bill Stanislaw had taken a plane over the town and was returning to Ketchum Field on the North Road. Arrived there he found a cow wandering about the spot he wanted to set down in. He dove at the animal repeatedly but to no avail. And worst of all the cow was hidden by the brow of a hill so that the men at the refreshment house at the field could not see. Bill went back and cut...(continues into Airplane Rumor)

Airplane Rumor

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his engine, dove down, whistled and pointed over the hill and finally Jimmy Colton went out to see what was up. He opened the pasture gate and a very willing cow returned to its own field thoroughly impressed with the bird that had been coming down nearly scraping her horns. A wise mechanic at the field suggested a cowcatcher for the plane.

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