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Grapeshot cannon munition from the War of 1812 from Castine, Maine. It was discovered after a sever rain storm unearthed it in 1906. It was donated to the museum by Alta Getchell.

It is approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Several of these smaller

balls would be placed in

a canvas sack and tied

with string or light rope.

When complete it looked

like a bunch of grapes,

hence its name.

When the cannon was

discharged the sack and

rope would disintegrates.

Whatever was in the path of these small cannon balls suffered a devastating result. The cannon was much like a huge shotgun.


The British occupied Castine during the War of 1812 from September 1, 1814 to April of 1815.


Canteen Carried in the Civil War by Thomas Willis


Civil War Canteen carried in by

Joshua Jones Seamans of Cary.

1st Battalion, Maine Light Artillery Company

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